Iso 9001-2008

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Our Experience

TCI has extensive experience in the automation, engineering and contract manufacturing industry. We have been in business for over 10 years, which has enabled us to grow, learn from our experiences and deliver superior customer value. We know how to provide what our customers want and will exceed your expectations. 

Our Wide Range of Manufacturing Capabilities

We have a fully tooled machine shop, equipped with CNC machining centers as well as vertical and horizontal boring mills. Also, a complete fabrication department with welding, forming and finishing capabilities can suit all needs from small parts to finishing. Lastly, our large assembly floor enables us to create machinery and systems from start to finish. 

Established Engineering Expertise

Our experienced engineering staff is fully capable of taking a concept to reality, be it a fully integrated engineered system or a prototype part. Our ability to design and build unique concepts is what established our business many years ago. We pride ourselves on our engineering expertise and utilize cutting edge technologies to drive our success. 

Our Breadth of Products

Aside from our capabilities in the manufacturing and engineering departments, TCI offers unique and innovative production lines. We offer a full line of vial handling equipment, custom conveyor systems and in-line pressure sensitive labeling equipment. Coupled with our expertise in integration, we can assure that any of these products can be fit seamlessly into your operation. 

Our Get-it-Done attitude

You would be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated group of individuals who will work tirelessly for you. Our diverse and complimentary team will pool our resources to deliver the best solution for your problem. We are very proud of our get-it-done attitude and ensure you will be too.